A Prayer for Our Times

Lord for your peace and protection we pray.
When the media would have those around us panic and be anxious may we bring your peace.
Let us all who are well look out for and care for the vulnerable and ill.
Help us not to be selfish but to put others first and provide for those less fortunate than ourselves.
Let us who are in a position of plenty care for those who have need.
May those who are self-isolating know that we are just a phone call away and give us the means by which to provide for them in whatever ways they need.
Help us to look out for each other and especially for the elderly and lonely.
Give wisdom to our governments and leaders, to our healthcare professionals and our scientists.
For all those who have to make tough decisions give them strength and help these decisions to be wise.
For those who have the virus bring healing, peace, help, and restoration.
For those who have lost loved ones to this virus bring Your comfort.
During this time of separation let us remember that nothing can separate us from you.
Help us to replace our normal physical signs of love, like a comforting hug etc., with new expressions of love that show we really care for our fellow humans.
May your peace and love reign in the days to come O Lord.

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