Still so much to be thankful for…

Lord, we thank you for our homes, places of refuge, comfort, warmth, and security. We thank you for loved ones to care for us, look out for us, talk to us and reassure us. We thank you for the love you have put within us to care for others; family, friends and strangers alike. We thank you for your provision; even though the shops have some empty shelves we thank you that we do have enough. We thank you for our leaders who are working on our behalf to keep us safe, making tough decisions for the best of all concerned. We thank you for our Health Care Services and all who work within them; working tirelessly to treat the ill and the dying. We thank you for scientists, researchers, planners and all those working to lessen the effects of this virus outbreak. We could go on but Lord, finally, we thank you for your peace and the comfort of your Spirit. Help us to turn to you and to fight fear with faith. Amen

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