What was Jesus like? part two

When Jesus rose from the dead He didn’t appear first to Caesar or the High Priests. He didn’t give the most holy and religious the reward of seeing Him first. He appeared to Mary Magdalene. A women follower out of whom He had cast seven demons. A woman who had suffered from seven major complaints. She might have been depressed, lonely, suffering from poor self esteem, anxious, suicidal, nervous and paranoid. She had and has a reputation. Yet Jesus chose her of all people for Him to appear to first. He put those that should be last well and truly first. He not only healed her, He continued to love her and build her up. Where others would have rejected her, Jesus rose from the dead and immediately embraced and honoured her. He embraces and honours us still, despite all our sins and failings. He loves us unconditionally. Now, we could all do with meeting someone like that!!

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