What was Jesus like? part three

We often see Jesus as calm, gentle, compassionate, meek and mild and so he was. Yet in a premeditated, well thought out attack He cleared the Temple. He overturned tables, He ran amok, He stopped people from entering as He gave people of the Temple a piece of His mind. This wasn’t a knee jerk action, a fit of pique, a sudden over-reaction, this was well thought out. He had seen the situation the night before, he had thought about it, he had slept on it and planned His response. He didn’t scream and shout at prostitutes and sinful tax collectors. He didn’t turn over the tables of the gamblers and wicked authorities. No, His well thought through rage was limited to those within the temple. Those who should have known better. Jesus didn’t shy away from saying and doing what needed to be done and He did it with wonderful passion. He treated those outside of what we would call the church today, sinful as they were, with care and compassion. When others were judging he showed love. However, within the church He told it as it was. You have got to love a man like that!!

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