Healing Process

When you love someone you place in their hands the most sharp of knives. Your hope is that they will use it well. You pray that they will use it for your protection, to keep you safe. You hope that they will wield it with skill to cut out the diseased and harmful things in your life. You desire for them to use it to prune and shape you in order for you to blossom and grow. However, you give them, alongside it, a freedom. Freedom to hurt and inflict deep wounds. A freedom to make mistakes and wound unintentionally. Even the freedom to cut you off completely. They can cut out your very heart and leave you bleeding and dying. God has loved us from the very beginning. He has given us this deadly weapon and the freedom to choose how to use it. We have cut ourselves off. We have wounded Him deeply. We can continue to cause hurt wherever we go or we can turn around and start the healing process!!

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