Life Hurts

The reality is… it hurts

It really hurts

Life hurts

Family and friends hurt

And they hurt us too

The world hurts

And guess what?

It will hurt us as well

The poor hurt

The rich hurt

The young hurt

The old hurt

No one is free from it

It lurks around every corner

And no day is immune to it

But, you know what?

That’s Okay

We’ve never been promised anything different

God never said life would be free from it

The reality is… it hurts

And God told us it would

God told us if we go our own way…

Life would hurt

But He also said that He understands

That’s He’s with us

We don’t face it alone

He knows it hurts

And He is there for us

If we give Him our hurts

God will help

He is on our side

We’ll make it through together.

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