Love is…

What is love?

Love is giving life and accepting all the consequences

Love is allowing freewill knowing the hurt that it will cause

Love is showing mercy when you have the right to show anger

Love is giving and knowing you’ll receive nothing back in return

Love is sacrifice for the unloved and the unlovely

Love is awarding grace, totally unmerited grace

Love is giving up everything for the benefit of others

Love is providing for the ungrateful

Love is dispensing compassion and not stopping to count the cost

Love is being there no matter what the hour, no matter what the need

Love is not throwing someone’s mistakes back at them whatever they do

Love is showing kindness when everyone else is showing judgement

Love is holding someone’s hand to let them, not only know but, feel you are there for them

Love is hanging on a cross, alone, spent, dying and yet forgiving

Love is furnishing someone with peace even though they brought everything on themselves

Love is giving the best advice possible even though you know it will be ignored

Love is making yourself vulnerable, getting hurt, brushing yourself off and putting yourself back in the game

Love is sometimes not taking no for an answer

Love is allowing the tears to fall and being there to give a reason for them to stop

Love is being the anchor in someone else’s storm

Love is making tough decisions

Love is forgiving despite the great cost

Love is putting the priorities of others first and doing it happily

Love is letting your heart rule over your head

Love is intentionally submitting your will to the will of another

Love is being there in the good times and the bad, when convenient and when not convenient

Love is occasionally not saying what you think

Love is going that extra mile just because you can

Love is a thousand actions that show you care in tangible ways

Love is creating a colour landscape when a grey void would have done

Love is ensuring that everything will work out for our good

Love is preparing a place for us ahead of time

Love is not leaving the job unfinished

Love is encouraging, protecting, affirming and building up

Love is celebrating who somebody is

Love is creative and sustaining

Love is being there to welcome them back

Love is having people wrong you and treating them no differentlly

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