God’s love is unconditional.

Therefore, being good doesn’t gain you more love and being bad doesn’t lose you His love.

It also means that He treats everyone fairly.

Just because you are good doesn’t mean He protects you more, and if you’re bad, He doesn’t heap bad things upon you.

Even believing in Him doesn’t gain you more love or protection.

In fact, for those who believe and follow Him, He promises troubles. He is pretty clear; He knows the world we live in and what we have made of it.

He knows our lives will be difficult.

He knows we will suffer whether we are good, bad, believers or not.

We have turned our back on God and this world; this life we live is the result.

He doesn’t shy away from that, we’ve made our choice, and He has accepted it.

He has let us go our own way, and He respects that choice.

He chooses not to remove the mess we have decided to create, but He will help us through it if we choose to allow Him.

Will you turn back to Him and receive all He has for you today?

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