Heroes and villains

For life’s heroes, may they see reward

For life’s villains, may they see justice

For life’s poor, may they be provided for

For life’s rich, may they be generous

For life’s lonely, may they find friendship

For life’s sociable, may they be thankful

For life’s anxious, may they find peace

For life’s secure, may they bring friendship

For life’s busy, may they find time

For life’s inactive, may they find incentive

For life’s tired, may they find rest

For life’s energised, may they have vision

For life’s needy, may they find grace

For life’s privileged, may they purpose

For life’s repentant, may they find mercy

For life’s impenitent, may they find a change of heart

For life’s hurting, may they find love

For life’s healthy, may they praise God

For life’s pained, may they find relief

For life’s calm, may they give reassurance

For life’s sad, may they find joy

For life’s cheerful, may they spread happiness

For life’s fearful, may they find comfort

For life’s brave, may they give others courage

For life’s doubters, may they find faith

For life’s believers, may they bring life.

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