Closer to Him

When I was a young Christian God was close

He held my hand and we walked together

When I stumbled He picked me up

When I was hungry He spoon-fed me

When I was tired He led me to still water and gave me rest

And then, over the years, I grew up

God had taught me how to live and how to follow Him

He had taught me how to pick myself back up

He had taught me how to feed myself

He has never stopped caring for me or loving me

But I can walk alone now

I know how to make good decisions

I know the consequences of bad decisions

He has taken off the stabilisers and I’m riding solo

I don’t need Him in order to keep my balance

I don’t need Him to stop me from continually crashing

But I do still need Him

The ball is in my court though

When I need Him I need to seek Him out

I need to stop and listen and make time for Him

I won’t always feel Him right next to me

Why? Because He’s allowing me to stand on my own two feet

He’s allowing me to ride without limits

He’s giving me the space to make my own mistakes

He’s letting me get my teeth stuck into prime meat and not just pureed veg

He is still there for me

I just need to seek Him out

And not only when I need Him

But just because I want to

To thank Him

To praise Him

To worship Him

To be with Him

He may not feel as close as all those years ago

But I am closer to Him.

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