God and Science

Do not allow atheists to tell you that you have a choice between either science or God. Do not allow them to tell you that there is no evidence for God. Do not believe them when they say it is illogical to believe in things you can’t explain (ask them to explain consciousness or energy for example). Science and God go hand in hand. Science confirms many of the truths found in the Bible and doesn’t disprove God in any way. Let us celebrate a God who has given us thinking, intelligent minds to grapple with the great mysteries of the universe using the tools of science and the gifts of many incredible scientists.

5 thoughts on “God and Science

  1. I couldn’t agree more! And atheists will do all sorts of things to draw you into their web and away from God- they’ll bully and mistreat you, they’ll offer you this and that…the devil is the author of lies and tricks!

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