Welcome to A Christian Thought for Today

A Christian Thought for Today is part of Nathan Haddock Books and is a blog for the encouragement, upbuilding and challenge of Christians across the world. I hope you will find it inspiring and thought-provoking as many already have. If you like this blog please do sign up for regular updates and tell your friends and family about it – they can follow it here or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AThoughtfor2day

My prayer is that God uses these original “Thoughts” in your life to draw you closer to Him and make you more like Him.

If you are interested in my books you can find out more information on www.nathan-haddock-books.co.uk

or visit Amazon and check them out there www.amazon.co.uk/nathanhaddock

If you want news, special offers and info on future books you can sign up here and also receive a free book into the bargain https://mailchi.mp/529fb22f2d7e/free-book-download-come-pray-with-me

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