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What if His plan is not to heal but to simply bring you home What if He has things in store for you that need to stay unknown There is a trust you have to find the sight of those they call the blind
A trust and faith in the one who owns the throne
There is a trust that bypasses total understanding
That says that who you are is more important than what I know or comprehend
This is a trust I need to find and savour
I need to grasp and grow it and not just make and mend
I know, truly believe that God is amply worthy
I look for that pathway of trust to have, to hold and share
My feet grope in the dusk for a route to follow
I learn to lean and all the time the doubt’s still there
I know, truly believe there is a good way forward
I know I’m not just shooting, shouting in the dark
My hands will lay their grip upon the scarce solution
And yet for now the air is whistling tunes cold and stark.
It’s in the time just before the dawn of understanding
The darkness seems most black before the sun’s first glint
It’s then that I will choose to trust my saviour
To stand in faith and set my face like flint.


God has placed in us the potential for greatness. Will you seek it out, unlock it, grow it, develop it? Will you use what you have been given for greatness or for great gain? Will you use this opportunity for God’s glory or your own gratification? The choice is yours.

More of You

There is a holy discontent that keeps us wanting more of what God has to offer. More of you Lord and less of us. There is a holy discontent that keeps us striving for bigger and better things for the Lord. More glory for you Lord and less for us.

We Owe It

We owe it to Christ to be Christ to all those around us, we owe it to all those around us to show them Christ!

Pursue You

God will relentlessly pursue you with His love, extravagantly overwhelm you with His grace and consistently surround you with His presence.

Hunger and Thirst

There is a hunger only God can satisfy and a thirst only God can quench. We may, and will, try other avenues but until we realise that God is the answer we will remain hungry and thirsty forever.


May the very God who spoke to Moses through a burning bush, who guided the Israelites with a pillar of fire, who burnt up Elijah’s offering and who sent His Holy Spirit as fire at Pentecost, set your heart ablaze with love for Him and those around you, purify your lives by His refining fire, give you a burning desire for the things on His heart and protect you from the fiery arrows of the evil one – this day and for ever more.


Life is not about our weaknesses but about God’s strength. It’s not about our failings but about God’s sufficiency. It’s not about our need but about God’s provision. It’s not about our doubt but about God’s belief in us. It’s not about our lack but about God’s grace. It’s not about our triumphs but about God’s glory.


May Jesus, who was Baptised in the waters of the river Jordan, walked on water and calmed the waves of the storm, pour out His refreshing water of blessing upon you to quench your thirst and revive you this day.


Colour, texture, sound, seasons, tastes, smells and a multitude of other things for our enjoyment and delight. We have a creative God who has given us above and beyond even that which we could imagine. We have so much to be thankful for.