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Prayer has the ability to unlock the potential within you to be drawn into the will of God.


Put your trust in the Holy Spirit to keep in your mind the good and keep from your memory the bad!

Your Needs

Jesus connects with your very heartbeat meeting the needs of your grief, your confusion, your anger, your fear, your pain, and your every longing.

Mercy and Grace

God’s grace and mercy stand in the gap between intention and actuality.

Judge Not

We are called to discipline someone’s behaviour but are not called to judge someone’s character. So, you can challenge someone on their behaviour of stealing something but it would be unwise to judge their character by calling them a thief. Our words and actions must correct and restore not judge and punish. Do not judge lest you be judged.

God’s Will

Whatever your outward circumstances may be – if you are in the centre of God’s will, there is no better place to be!

Love for Us

God has an unconditional love for us.
A love that is unchanging, constant, never ending!
A love that is not dependent on circumstances, mood swings, what we do or say.
Totally unconditional!
We must have this same love for others.
A love that covers over differences and disagreements.
A love which the Bible tells us (1 Peter 4:8) covers over a multitude of sins.
A love that always forgives, is full of grace and abounding in mercy.
A love that focuses on that which unites and not that which divides.
A love that picks up the fallen and gently reinstates them.
A love that puts others first.
A love that focuses us on the goal but ensures we don’t step on others in order to get there.
A love that helps us see others as God sees them.
A love that always sees the best in others and always hopes the best for others.
A love that serves.
A love that can only come from God Himself.
Flowing through us to those around us.
A love that died on a cross for all.

We Thank and Praise You

May Jesus Christ, who died for you
May the Lord, who is risen victoriously
May the Spirit, who guides you
May the Father, who sustains you,
Be your everything, today and always.
Lamb of God
Risen Lord,
Sustaining Father,
Guiding Spirit
We thank and praise you!!

All I know

All I know I know for naught
Save in the hour Where I was bought
Save in your blood Where I was cleaned
Save in your love Where I was weaned
Save in your grace Where I did grow
Save in your place Where I will go.

In Total Control

In Total Control
He set His course
His aim was true
He had the choice
And He wanted to
Let us go!
Here comes my betrayer.
He met them head on
The choice was His
He decided to die
We must decide to live.