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Good Shepherd

As the Good Shepherd Jesus leads us when we listen to His voice. As sheep we must learn to hear and recognise the voice of Jesus. When He leads us He goes before us to prepare the way and continually checks that we don’t lag behind. His whole job is focussed on guiding, protecting and feeding us. What better place to be is there than with Jesus?


In An Instant

It is a wonderful reality that no matter how bad things are going, not matter how bleak the future looks, Jesus can change things around in an instant.


When in difficult circumstances Jesus is as likely to change you than He is your circumstances.


Happiness is totally dependent on your circumstances whereas there is a joy that comes from God that nothing can take away.

Who is there?

Who is there like Jesus Christ? A man fully human and yet fully divine. A man without sin who freely gave up His life and became sin for our salvation. A man who is our saviour and yet wants us to be His friend. A man who only requires our trust in order for us to inherit all the riches that He has won for us. Who is there like Jesus Christ?


To put God into a box is to deform and misunderstand His reality. To celebrate the mystery that is God is to bring Him glory.


If we live in the light and Biblical truth that, once saved, we are saints – we are far more likely to live Christ-like lives than if we live with the false assumption that we are still just miserable sinners. When you see your life as God sees it our whole life can be changed around.

Follow Him

When Jesus invites us to follow Him He offers us a wonderful life where every tear is wiped away and no mourning will take place. However, that is all to come. When Jesus asks us to follow Him he gives it to us straight. If you follow me you will have troubles. You will be persecuted. Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean your life will suddenly become simple, sorted and wonderful, but it does mean you will have Jesus with you every step of the way. It means we may have the promise of a tough life but with a wonderful pension plan!!

Heaven on Earth

When we do what is good, right, honourable, true, holy and Godly we bring a little bit of heaven down to earth. In doing such things we answer our own prayer of “on earth as in heaven”.


God is interested in every area of your life. God cares about those things that matter to you however trivial they may seem. He wants to help. Give Him your worries and your cares. Speak to him about what troubles you and keeps you awake at night. Give everything over to Him for He not only wants to help He is able to help better than anyone we know.