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What is worship if it is not our heart’s response to who God is and what He has done?


The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift we can give to someone is to faithfully pray for them – lifting them up to the throne of grace and seeking God’s input into their lives.


It is in relationship with others that we find out much about ourselves. It is in relationship with God that we find out who we really are.


Being a Christian is not a one-off decision to put your faith in God, it is a daily decision to pick up your cross and follow wherever he may lead!!


It is in becoming vulnerable before God and His people that we lay the firmest foundation for us to become strong.


I was sat beside a small lake. It was an idyllic scene. Everything was still. As I sat the only sounds I could hear were the distant bleating of a few sheep and the gentle hum of a multitude of bees. I began to be still and listen for God. As I listened the bleating got quieter but the buzzing intensified. It now sounded like the string section of an orchestra warming up. There was a sense of anticipation. A sense that something was happening but something greater was about to start. As I listened a single bee came nearer. I could hear it quite distinctively. The general buzzing seemed to die down and I could focus on the one single buzz from the solitary bee who had come near. I felt God was saying “if you listen you will hear and be able to identify my voice. You will be able to pick me out from the general drone that you are surrounded by. Still yourself, listen and I will come near. You may not see me but you can hear my voice. I am a God who still speaks. Are you someone who will truly still yourself and listen?”
Father, help us to make time to be still Give us ears to listen Give us a heart open to you. Help us to hunger after you. Help us to act upon that which we hear. For your glory Lord Amen.

Seek God

Let us not seek God for what He can do for us, let us just simply seek God for who He is!

Grace, Mercy and Love

Our churches need to be a lots less full of judgement and moral superiority and a lot more full of grace, mercy and love. Let us not denounce and judge people but honour them, exalt them, comfort them, encourage them, care for them, equip them and pour out God’s grace upon them.

God’s Hand

Whatever comes across our path today we have the opportunity to see God’s hand in it or not, we have the choice to be used by God or not, we have the chance to drawer near to God in that circumstance or not. May we all make wise decisions today.

Be Real

God longs for us to be real with Him. He is not disappointed with our anger or doubt. He hungers after reality. He doesn’t want us to hide anything from him, after all He know it all anyway. God desires for us to be honest with Him and honest with ourselves. Let Him know how you really feel today!