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Heaven on Earth

When we do what is good, right, honourable, true, holy and Godly we bring a little bit of heaven down to earth. In doing such things we answer our own prayer of “on earth as in heaven”.



God is interested in every area of your life. God cares about those things that matter to you however trivial they may seem. He wants to help. Give Him your worries and your cares. Speak to him about what troubles you and keeps you awake at night. Give everything over to Him for He not only wants to help He is able to help better than anyone we know.

Unfailing Love

No-one is outside of God’s unfailing, unfathomable and unconditional love. No matter who you are or what you have done, God loves you. There is nothing that you can do that will make you deserving of that love but there is nothing that you can do that will cut you off from that love.

Heaven is Waiting

We live in a broken world. We live in a fallen world. Things were not meant to be this way. We have to keep reminding ourselves that this is just temporary. This is not our home. We are just passing through. Heaven is waiting!!

Let Go

If you are barely hanging on, perhaps it is time to let go and let God. God’s power is most evident in our weakness.


If your life contains a deep relationship with Jesus Christ you can weather any storm and still not be afraid of the storm clouds on the horizon.


We have a choice each day to build people up or put them down. We can choose to be a force for good in the lives of those around us or not to be. We can decide whether our words will injure or heal. What will you choose to do today?

God’s Goodness

God’s goodness shown to us has nothing to do with our goodness or how much we deserve it but everything to do with His love and grace.


Even in the depths of despair and darkness the smallest of lights makes a huge difference. Be that light for us this day Lord and help us to be that light for others. Amen

Move On

There is no one who helps you move on more than God. He doesn’t want you to be trapped by your past but longs for you to be freed for your future. Give your past to Him and He will help you throw off your shackles and prepare for a wonderful future that stretches into eternity.