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Be Involved

God didn’t need Moses to part the Red Sea or the young boy to feed the five thousand, He chose to involve them in His plans. He will involve you as well if you make yourself available to Him.



As Christians we are called to forgive. However, we are not always called to continue to stay in the firing line of that which required the forgiveness in the first place.

The Map

Christian faith is not blind faith. Christian faith is discovering the map and trusting that when you reach the fold the road will continue and take you home.

Law and Grace

God’s Law shows us that none of us will ever be good enough. God’s Grace shows us that none of us will ever be bad enough.

Small Things

There are small things that you can do today, with God’s help,that will change the lives of those around you for ever. It might be a simple smile to someone feeling unloved or hopeless or a helping hand to someone struggling. Small gestures with God make huge differences with echoes into eternity. Will you bring a little piece of heaven to earth today?

His Plans

When we make ourselves available to God he will use us in His plans. When we get involved in God’s plans then we know things will be good, have purpose and bring glory to his name. For God knows the plans He has for us and they are good and worthwhile plans.

Where are You Going?

Would you get on a plane not knowing where it is going? Would you walk around in the dark not knowing where your feet are landing? Most of us wander through life without really exploring where we are headed? Have you really considered what this life is all about and whether there is more to life than this? Have you planned your exit strategy? You might have life insurance and a will but have insured where you are headed at the end of the day?

Pass it On

That which you receive from God, be it money, blessings, wisdom, peace or whatever, pass on to those around you. Be a channel for God to your community, church, family, workplace, friends, neighbours and whoever you meet.


Becoming a Christian isn’t about putting all your troubles behind you. It is about putting your troubles well and truly in front of you but marching headlong into them knowing you have a guide, a purpose and an all competent friend by your side. Jesus makes it very clear that we will have troubles, but that He has already overcome them – even the troubling matter of death!

Wise and Just

Will not God in all his wisdom and being just do what is right? When life seems unfair and God seems distant we must trust that He who is fully trustworthy will keep all His promises.