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From Darkness to Light

As a Christian you have moved from darkness to light. You have been rescued from the gutter, had a ring put on your finger, a robe around your shoulders. You have moved from being a beggar to becoming royalty. To sin is to return, if only be it for a short time, to being a beggar. Sin (returning to being a beggar) is inconsistent with who you have now become. Why would you want to leave a place of royalty and return to being a beggar? The old has gone the new has come!

Your Greatest Supporter

God is not just there cheering you on from the sidelines, He is there with you on the pitch. He is picking you up when you are tripped, wanting to guide your every move, coaching you, motivating you, celebrating with you, commiserating with you, feeling your pain and tiredness, paying your wages, preparing the pitch, providing you with team-mates and being the best ever referee!! On top of all that He has surrounded you with a crowd of witnesses cheering on your every step. God is your greatest supporter, but He is so much more besides.


God is your father waiting for you to return to Him at every opportunity. He waits with arms open wide ready to forgive, restore, revive, encourage, comfort, love, guide, protect and build up. He longs to spend time with you. Will you return to Him each day and spend time just sitting at His feet?


When we accept Jesus Christ as our saviour we step into eternity. Eternity does not begin when we die it begins when we truly believe. Our belief and trust brings a little piece of heaven to earth. We are now living in the light of eternity. We are living with God. Eternity has started, we have joined the party.


In the person of Jesus around 425 Old Testament prophesies were fulfilled. All of these prophesies were recorded at least 400 years before His birth. Could He have read the scriptures and decided to fulfil them himself? Not unless He had power over such things as His place of birth, His lineage, the actions of Kings and rulers, the actions of countless other people and was also prepared to be hated, suffer and die a most gruesome of deaths. Jesus Christ was and is the fulfilment of the Old Testament. Have faith, not blind faith but faith built on fact!

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love for our fellow Christians is the muscle, flesh and skin that holds us all together. Without it we will be divided by theology, traditions, rules, practices, doctrine, preferences and a whole host of other things. Let the banner over us all be love. If we truly have unconditional love for each other then what binds us together is so much stronger than anything that could divide us!


God wants us to live in complete freedom. He does not want us to be a slave to anything. He does not want us to be anxious or fearful of anything but to trust Him in everything. He wants to be the centre of our attention – for a mind focused on God is a mind at peace.

Miraculous Things

What are the loaves and fishes you can offer to God today with which He can do miraculous things?

Who Will You Believe?

Do not believe the lies you have been told – instead believe your Father in heaven who knows you, loves you and wants the best for you in all circumstances. When others or even you say that you are stupid, worthless, good-for-nothing, useless or rubbish IT IS A LIE and has NO TRUTH IN IT. God knows you and knows the truth about you. You are precious in His sight, worth dying for! You were the joy set before Him as he suffered on the cross – you are His delight – the apple of His eye. Who are you going to believe today?


We all need to constantly update the image we have of who God wants to be for us. God never changes but who He wants to be for us does. God will want to be for us our father, friend, counsellor, guide, teacher, pastor, leader, challenger, encourager, saviour, confidant or strong tower (amongst other things!!). He will want to portray to us love, hope, strength, kindness, goodness, generousness, wisdom, holiness, faithfulness, justice, mercy, or grace in difference measures and at different times. He knows what we need for Him to be. God wants to meet us afresh each day at our point of need. Let us not miss what God wants to be for us because of a fixed opinion of Him. Let us constantly ask God what He wants to be for us in each and every situation and let’s refresh our image of God as he refreshes us.