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We live in an ever changing world! It is frightening how much change we experience. However, God is changeless, unchanging, constant, stable… We know change, we know chaos and flux – do we really know He who is changeless and the security and comfort to be found in Him?



We cannot give to God we can only give back to God!

The Best

God not only wants the best for you in all circumstances He has the ability to provide the best for you in all circumstances!!

A Brand New Day

When I woke you were there
When I spoke you were there
Every minute of every hour of every day
You were there
I didn’t always see you
Often I didn’t acknowledge your presence
Sometimes I didn’t want you there
Watching the things I was doing
You were there in the quiet
You were there with my tears
You were there in the laughter
You were my conscience
You were my mother’s voice ringing in my ear
You were my best friends advice
You reminded me
You urged me
But you never forced me
You dealt with things Things
That I didn’t even know needed dealing with
You opened doors
And placed my feet on a steady path
You rarely got thanked for the things you did
And often got blamed for things
That obviously weren’t your fault
But just now and then I stopped and remembered you
And all you stood for in my life
And you acknowledged me with a Brand New Day.

How Do I Pray?

How do I pray? Pray as if Jesus just turned up on your doorstep!! Pray as you would talk to him if you had just met him face to face! We tend to pray as if He was a big agony aunt in the sky, there to solve all our problems, hear our worries and give us what we need. However, I would hope if Jesus turned up on my doorstep I would start with praising Him, continue in thanking Him, then I would want to spend time listening to what He wanted to say to me and then just as He were walking out the door, if I were brave enough, I might just ask him for something.

Grace and Mercy

Sometimes we need God’s grace and mercy, sometimes we need to show God’s grace and mercy!


God’s peace isn’t the removal of pressure, stress, danger etc. it is an equalising force that brings us to rest in any circumstance!

I Choose

Lord, I choose to walk with you today! I choose to stick by your side not deviating to the left or to the right! Help me not to lag behind or run ahead! Lord, I choose to allow myself to be carried by you through the difficult times, help me not to struggle! Thank you that you are always close to me even when I don’t recognise it! Amen

Get Involved

Lord, show me a glimpse of your plans for tomorrow so that I can get involved and play a little part. Thank you. Amen


Jesus’ ministry started from a position of security! God told Jesus that “You are my Son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased!” This took place before Jesus had taught, healed, discipled, performed miracles etc. God loved Him and was pleased with Him for who He was and not for what He had done. The great thing is… the same is true for us. God loves us for who we are, faults and all, not for what we have done for Him!! We can start each day from a place of security knowing we are loved, valued, appreciated, special, wanted and important to God.