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However Far

However far we fall God’s arms are always there to catch us; His hands are there to pick us up and His grace is there to restore us.


Amazing Grace

It’s not the strength of your faith that counts or the level of your theological comprehension – it’s not your discipline in reading your Bible or remembering to pray, it’s not even your good deeds or the depth of your character – what counts is the unbelievable, overwhelming, unsurpassing and amazing grace of God.

Your Worth

Your worth is not to be found in your job title, your wealth or your social standing. It is not to be measured by the amount of friends you have or even by what people think of you. Your true worth can only be measured by the unconditional love that God has for you, His willingness to adopt you into His family and in His sending His only son to die for you. When we see what God really thinks of us, how much He loves us and how much He has done for us we can then see that our worth is truly beyond measure.

Not I

Nothing but an unreserved acceptance that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our relationship to be restored with God will suffice. No works will ever be enough. No excuses will ever do. Nothing can we bring to the bargaining table except Christ himself, on our behalf. Simple acceptance paves the way – not I Lord, but what You have done for me.

Jesus Within Us

The darkest of nights cannot extinguish the smallest of lights. Jesus within us will shine brightly if we allow ourselves to be the lantern through which the world can see Him.

God Loves

God loves the ugly, the broken, the downhearted, the hopeless, the helpless, the homeless. God loves the unlovely, the awkward, the anxious and the unruly. God loves the difficult, the dirty, the ordinary and the average. No-one is beyond the all encompassing love of God.


God loves to make the uncomfortable, comfortable. He loves to bring order out of chaos and bring a little chaos to our order. God is always the same, but never predictable. He is strong and mighty, and at the same time gentle and caring. He is fast to act, yet slow to anger. He is all encompassing, yet intimate and personable. No wonder He is indescribable!

Never Stops

On the 7th Day God stopped creating. He did not, however, just stop. Not for one single day has God stopped loving, sustaining and caring for His creation. God loves you 24/7 from before you were born and into eternity!

Good News

What is the Good News? Do we really believe that the News is Good? Do our lives live out the fact that we have found the answers to many of life’s big questions? Do we live like we’ve truly been rescued from the jaws of death? Moreover, do people seen in us the Good News? Do we show others more Christ or criticism? If they look at us do they see Jehovah or judgement? Do people see in us a glimpse of heaven or just hypocrisy? Our lives are the Gospel message through which people can find Christ – what do our lives say to those around us?


When was the last time you went to Jesus, washed His feet with your tears, dried them with you hair and dressed his feet with the most expensive things that you had?