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God’s Love

Who, like God, loves you unconditionally, undeservedly, unreservedly and unceasingly?


God’s Peace

God’s peace is like a submarine. It is not the removal of outside forces, problems and pressures it is the more than equalling force within that stops those pressures from crushing you. God’s peace provides us with an atmosphere in which we can comfortably operate despite the outward pressures that we face.

Not Nails

It was not nails that held Jesus to the cross. Jesus had raised the dead and healed the sick, had He wanted to he could have come down as people had mocked Him to do. It was Jesus’ love for you and me that held Him to that cross.


God overflows with love, grace and mercy. God does not give to each of us according to what we deserve. What He gives to us does not reflect our goodness. What He holds from us does not reflect our badness. God is a God who longs to give us, His children, good and life giving things.


When you are going through a difficult time God is far more likely to change you than your circumstances.

Heart of God

When someone begs you for mercy in fear and with true repentance and your heart responds with love and compassion you get a little glimpse into the heart of God.

Jesus in Disguise

Every person who we meet, who we help, who we smile at, who we serve, who we listen to, who we protect, who we feed, who we comfort, who we give to is Jesus in disguise. Every person who we hurt, who we are impatient with, who we are rude to, who we lose our temper with, who we scowl at, who we treat with disrespect, who we have no time for is Jesus in disguise. We have the choice to pour expensive perfume on his head or bang a rusty nail into His hand.

God’s Peace

May God’s peace rest on you this day, may His truth be treasured in your heart. May His word guide your feet and your actions in everything that comes across your path. May His words be in your mouth and His joy worn as a smile upon your lips. May you shine like a star for Him in your work, in your home, in your community and everywhere you are. Amen


Our works cannot earn us salvation or even favour in the eyes of God. All our works should be done in a response to the thankfulness we feel because of what God has done for us.

Mercy and Grace

We have been set free from oppression and been given light in our darkness. We have been shown mercy and grace when we deserve judgement and punishment. We have so much to be forever thankful for. Let us not lose sight of that.