In control

You are in control of what you think. You have the choice to let a thought dwell in your mind or be given over to Jesus. If you choose to dwell on a thought you give it roots, you give it power and it is harder to remove. Be careful what you choose to thinkContinue reading “In control”

What was Jesus like? part six

Peter was a fisherman. He made his living catching fish. It was hard work and sometimes fruitless. He met Jesus after a night of catching nothing at all. Under Jesus’ instruction though he caught two fishing boats full of fish. A fortune of fish. The New Testament equivalent of winning the lottery. Yet he leftContinue reading “What was Jesus like? part six”

What was Jesus like? part five

The disciples were hardy men, mean tax collectors, rugged fishermen and yet in a storm they were scared. Whilst they were panicking Jesus was at rest. He had a calmness about Him that defied His circumstance. He wasn’t ruffled by huge crowds wanting his attention. Having been beaten, mocked, spat at, whipped and taunted HeContinue reading “What was Jesus like? part five”

What was Jesus like? part four

He found himself in the midst of a very embarrassing situation. He was at a wedding and the family had embarrassed themselves by not providing enough wine for their guests. The wedding was still in full flow but the wine had stopped flowing. To spare their blushes Jesus steps in. It wasn’t His time yet.Continue reading “What was Jesus like? part four”

What was Jesus like? part three

We often see Jesus as calm, gentle, compassionate, meek and mild and so he was. Yet in a premeditated, well thought out attack He cleared the Temple. He overturned tables, He ran amok, He stopped people from entering as He gave people of the Temple a piece of His mind. This wasn’t a knee jerkContinue reading “What was Jesus like? part three”

What was Jesus like? part two

When Jesus rose from the dead He didn’t appear first to Caesar or the High Priests. He didn’t give the most holy and religious the reward of seeing Him first. He appeared to Mary Magdalene. A women follower out of whom He had cast seven demons. A woman who had suffered from seven major complaints.Continue reading “What was Jesus like? part two”