Grace and mercy

It is only by the grace and mercy of God that we are here today. Without God we can do nothing and are nothing. We can bring nothing to the negotiating table, it is all down to what Christ has done for us. By God’s grace we have our very breath and our future isContinue reading “Grace and mercy”

Fame and fortune

Never let fame and fortune come before faithfulness and friendship May the opinion of my peers never have preference over what God thinks of me May my possessions never be a millstone but always a springboard Never let me put my priorities above God’s purposes May my actions always outweigh my good intentions May IContinue reading “Fame and fortune”

A Fresh Start

A fresh start, a new beginning, the latest chapter. Over-night nothing radical has changed but today offers us a wonderful opportunity to begin again. A brilliant chance to turn over a new leaf, to re-focus and to strive for something better. I’m not talking about New Years’ Resolutions I’m talking about real changes for GodContinue reading “A Fresh Start”