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Prayer has the ability to unlock the potential within you to be drawn into the will of God.


Put your trust in the Holy Spirit to keep in your mind the good and keep from your memory the bad!

Your Needs

Jesus connects with your very heartbeat meeting the needs of your grief, your confusion, your anger, your fear, your pain, and your every longing.

Mercy and Grace

God’s grace and mercy stand in the gap between intention and actuality.

God’s Will

Whatever your outward circumstances may be – if you are in the centre of God’s will, there is no better place to be!


You will never convince a blind man to see. In the same way you will never argue an unbeliever into faith.

Believe or Doubt?

In each difficult situation you have the choice to believe and trust or to doubt and fear. What will you chose today?


Humility is not seeing ourselves as less than we are, it is seeing ourselves correctly in relation to God.

Power and Authority

God will not do that which He has already given us the power and authority to do.

The Solution

Don’t focus on the problem – focus on the solution, Jesus Christ!!