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Never let a point of theology, however strongly you believe it or how deeply it affects your life, get in the way of the love you hold for one another.


More Like Him

The God that I worship can still the waves and calm the storm and yet, in His wisdom, allows me to endure them so that I may become stronger and wiser and a little bit more like Him.

Sun and Storms

We must remember to praise God when the sun is shining AND when the storm is blowing! If God is worthy of our praise He is worthy of it no matter our circumstances!


All You Need

When God is all you have, God is all you need!



We cannot give to God we can only give back to God!


The Best

God not only wants the best for you in all circumstances He has the ability to provide the best for you in all circumstances!!


Grace and Mercy

Sometimes we need God’s grace and mercy, sometimes we need to show God’s grace and mercy!


Get Involved

Lord, show me a glimpse of your plans for tomorrow so that I can get involved and play a little part. Thank you. Amen


God’s Grace

God’s grace is more than sufficient for you, yes, even you. It is a radical, extravagant, overwhelming gift that requires only that we accept it!



Joy is found in knowing that, whatever your circumstances, God is up to something good!