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Let Go

If you are barely hanging on, perhaps it is time to let go and let God. God’s power is most evident in our weakness.



If your life contains a deep relationship with Jesus Christ you can weather any storm and still not be afraid of the storm clouds on the horizon.

God’s Goodness

God’s goodness shown to us has nothing to do with our goodness or how much we deserve it but everything to do with His love and grace.


Even in the depths of despair and darkness the smallest of lights makes a huge difference. Be that light for us this day Lord and help us to be that light for others. Amen


If you have faith in Him, God will call you. If God calls you, He will gift you. If He gifts you, He will use you. If He uses you, your faith in Him will increase.


Worry says that you are not trusting God to be all-powerful, ever present and capable of overcoming any and every situation you face.


Weakness is one of the greatest opportunities when surrendered to God. When we come to the end of ourselves, it is then the God can work with great power.

Only Hope

Jesus Christ is not just a source of hope He is our only hope. If we place our hope in anything else it will be found to be false hope and will let us down.


God’s blessings come in many different guises. Some we see straight away some we only see and appreciate in retrospect.


Whatever you give time to in your thought process you give power to in your life.