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Shining Through

It’s through the brokenness and the cracks in our lives that God shines in and through!!



God has promised that He will never leave us. Therefore, God is always with us whether we can feel His presence or not. God has said it therefore it is so!!


God asks us to forgive one another. In forgiving we therefore release ourselves from the bonds of disobedience, bitterness, hatred and anger.

Move On

God does not want you to be defined by your past mistakes – He wants you to be forgiven, released from them, and able to move on.

Praise Him

Don’t praise God when the sun shines if you’re not prepared to praise Him also when the storms come!

Something Beautiful

God loves to use the brokenness of our lives, the rubbish, the dross, the mistakes and the ashes to build anew something beautiful.

Good or Nice

God doesn’t love you because you are good or nice – he loves you because He is good and nice!

Here on Earth

Everything that we give to God He can use for His glory. Be it time, money, our homes, skills, our minds or whatever – all can be used by God to build His heavenly kingdom here on earth.


It is when we look to the Trinity that we see the best example of community working in perfect harmony.


When things don’t go to plan you have to wonder if they were God’s plans or your plans!