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The Solution

Don’t focus on the problem – focus on the solution, Jesus Christ!!

Everything I Need

I find everything I need in the life of the one who stretched out his arms for all in the greatest expression of love ever known.


Lord, give me the opportunity to speak of you today – and when that opportunity comes give me also the words to say!

God is With Us

In all things we can conquer, overcome and succeed. For in all things God is with us, God is for us and God is equipping us!


Giving with a grateful heart is as much about reminding us of the abundance that we have as it is about helping to fulfil the needs of others.

Your Heart

If you really want to know where your heart lies carefully examine what you spend your time doing and what you spend your money on!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a “glass half empty” or a “glass half full” sort of person; God has a real desire to fill your glass to overflowing!!

Theology and Doctrine

As Christians we spend a lot of time creating theologies and doctrine about what we don’t understand rather than putting into action the stuff that we do understand!!


Start from a place of love and everything you do will be a blessing and be blessed.

Pleased with You

You can’t please everyone, but God, on the other hand, is already pleased with you.