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In a world of uncertainty, where the future hangs in the balance it is good to know the one who holds the scales.


Your Hand

Lord, I choose to see your hand at work in my life today. Help me to see you more. Amen

Sunrise and Sunset

Every new sunrise is a sign from God of His continued love and care for us. Every sunset an acknowledgement that God knows the need for rest, quiet and rejuvenation.

In An Instant

It is a wonderful reality that no matter how bad things are going, not matter how bleak the future looks, Jesus can change things around in an instant.


Happiness is totally dependent on your circumstances whereas there is a joy that comes from God that nothing can take away.


To put God into a box is to deform and misunderstand His reality. To celebrate the mystery that is God is to bring Him glory.

Hanging On

If you are barely hanging on, perhaps it is time to let go and let God. God’s power is most evident in our weakness.

Weather Any Storm

If your life contains a deep relationship with Jesus Christ you can weather any storm and still not be afraid of the storm clouds on the horizon.


God’s goodness shown to us has nothing to do with our goodness or how much we deserve it but everything to do with His love and grace.


Even in the depths of despair and darkness the smallest of lights makes a huge difference. Be that light for us this day Lord and help us to be that light for others. Amen