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Just as Jesus healed the same illnesses in different ways so God meets us all at our very own differing points of need and deals with us as individuals in individual ways.



As Christians we are called to forgive. However, we are not always called to continue to stay in the firing line of that which required the forgiveness in the first place.

Law and Grace

God’s Law shows us that none of us will ever be good enough. God’s Grace shows us that none of us will ever be bad enough.

God’s Love

Who, like God, loves you unconditionally, undeservedly, unreservedly and unceasingly?


When you are going through a difficult time God is far more likely to change you than your circumstances.

One Accord

Prayer works best when our mind and that of Christ’s are in one accord.


Jesus not only gives us life, He also gives us the reasons to live.

We Owe It

We owe it to Christ to be Christ to all those around us, we owe it to all those around us to show them Christ!

However Far

However far we fall God’s arms are always there to catch us; His hands are there to pick us up and His grace is there to restore us.


When was the last time you went to Jesus, washed His feet with your tears, dried them with you hair and dressed his feet with the most expensive things that you had?