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If you have faith in Him, God will call you If God calls you, He will gift you If He gifts you, He will use you If He uses you, your faith in Him will increase.


First Thought

God should not be your last resort He should be your very first thought.


If God answered all your prayers in the way that you wanted Him to would the world be a better place because of them?


Worry says that you are not trusting God to be all-powerful, ever present and capable of overcoming any and every situation you face.


Lord, today I choose to trust you, help me to trust more. Amen


God’s blessings come in many different guises. Some we see straight away some we only see and appreciate in retrospect.

How Far

No matter how far we have fallen God is there to break our fall, pick us up, dust us off and set us on the right path again.


Prayer has the ability to lift yourself above your problems and seek a heavenly solution.


Just as Jesus healed the same illnesses in different ways so God meets us all at our very own differing points of need and deals with us as individuals in individual ways.


As Christians we are called to forgive. However, we are not always called to continue to stay in the firing line of that which required the forgiveness in the first place.