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Hear His Voice

There’s a place where He longs to lead us
A still place where we can just be
There is wisdom that He longs to show us
And we will rest there just Him and me
There’ll be no rush for us to leave
For time is not an issue as we speak
I will listen as He teaches
And will watch Him, strong yet meek
I will have a host of questions
But I will somehow be restrained
I want to know what He will teach me
What He will say, what He’ll explain
He knows my heart’s every longing
My every question before my words are formed
He knows exactly what I need to know
The ways I need to be reformed
I long to speak, yet need to keep my silence
I yearn to talk, but want to hear him more
A small still voice won’t break through all the chatter
But it’s that voice that I am eager for
And so I come in quiet and sit in patience
I’ll still my thoughts and chase away all noise
And I will wait beyond the storm and earthquake
And I will hear my God, yes I will hear His voice.

Our Own Way

Does the blame lie with us?
Our news is full of dreadful stories.
Bombings Suicides Murders Fires
It is easy to point the finger at individuals
The unstable
The truly Evil
But are we not all to blame
Have we pushed people away that much
Have we neglected the lonely and the desperate
Have we caused such ferocious anger in others
Has our greed and arrogance pushed people to this drastic action
We do not feed the poor
Yet we are surprised when they steal to feed their family
We have abundance yet half the world have but scraps
Can we really be shocked when they rise up against us
We neglect to care for those around us
Can we not understand when people crack and do horrific things
Have we abandoned all that is good
Exchanged it for a false reality of rights
Made our own rules by which we all fail to abide
We cry out and blame individuals
We cry out and blame God
Yet we have thrown God out and all His ways
We have forbidden Him in our schools and workplaces
We have taken His wisdom from our laws
We have made money, intellect and selfish desires our God And now, do we not reap the consequences?
Have our broken homes created broken lives
Have our fragmented communities led to desperation
Have our sinful desires been at the expense of others
Have our grey churches created sceptical onlookers
We have abandoned God
Has God honoured us and given us the desires of our heart
Has He left us to our own vices
Have we finally got it all our own way…

We Cannot Be Static

We cannot be static
Yet we must stand firm
Movement is required
And stillness as well
Constantly changing
We must never remain the same
And at the same time solid
We must be more of a body
Far less of a building
It must be less about religion
And far more about relationship
Don’t make it about rules
About laws and “do nots”
It’s not about who’s in and who’s out
It’s so much more about love
About acceptance and grace
More about a God who is love
Than a church that is about judgement
It’s not about points of theology
As if out intellect were king
It’s about respect and mercy and… .
..and about acknowledging that we all fall short
Every one of us
We are all in the mire
We have all fallen in the gutter
It’s about knowing that all our futures are bleak
Bleak and dark
Without someone to rescue us
We have all fallen
Yet some are yet to be helped up
The standing have had their helping hand
The standing can’t laud it over the fallen
The standing have no right
No place to judge each other
The place of the standing is to stand in thankfulness
And in that thankfulness to help one another
To restore the fallen
And point all to Him who rescues
Together we are stronger
Together we are wiser
Together we have great power
Great power to make the difference
We have the power to change the world
We have the opportunity to change…
…to change from fighting each other
To fighting for justice
For peace
For life
We can make the difference that we long to see
We can be that difference
We can be the answer to our very prayers
To rise from the gutter and go out to the streets
To the poor
To the unloved
To the hurting
And to those still lying in the gutter
There is an army to muster
There is a battle to be fought
There is a war to be won
A victory to be had
A world to change
A difference to be made
We cannot be static.


I realised I only heard one side of the story

A tale of a war with no hope and no glory

Of struggles and battles and shots in the dark

But there’s never a fire without a first spark

I’d judged them as guilty without a defence

Believing the spin of the allegėd offence

I’d placed the great noose over their head

Without hearing their version I’d pronounced them as dead

I never weighed up the evidence quite as I ought’a

Now things come to light blows my case outta the water

My unswerving belief is starting to crack

And I’m wanting to haul every thought and word back

I trusted the person and ignored the whole scene

I wasn’t as open as I should have been

I’m a little more wise now and a lot less naive

I’ve been covered with grace and have a reprieve.

Sunday’s Coming

Can you really comprehend what He did

Can you truly understand

What took place through all the beatings

What our great God had planned

Can you get your mind around it

What He did for you and me

As He let Himself be spat at

As He hung upon that tree

Can you know the true true meaning

What happened there that day

So much more than a man just dying

His perfection paved the way

When perfection is the sacrifice

It’s not just a man who’s led to die

Something happened in the heavenly realms

So much more than met the eye

So when Jesus died that Friday

As He hung upon that cross

He wiped away our every sin

He paid for all our dross

Every mistake that we will make

Hung with Him that day

He took the weight of every sin

For there was no other way

He paid the price we could not pay

And died a death we couldn’t die

But this was only Friday

And Sunday’s coming is the cry!

Rise Up

Rise up, rise up O bride of Christ
Purify yourself and put your armour on
Equip yourself for battle
Prepare yourself for action
The time will soon be upon us
The bridegroom is prepared
The day of The Lord awaits
Do not sleep, do not slumber
For the day is at hand
Ready yourself to fight
With confidence move onwards
The spoils are yours to be had

Be Still

Sheltered, secure, surrounded, surrendered

Hidden in a place no-one can reach

Safe, still, silent, shadowed

Listening for the quietest of voices

Calling, calling and waiting to be heard

Be still, be still and know

Away from the normal and into the extraordinary

Slowing, stopping, stilling, staying

Making time for the wondrous

Making room for the remarkable

Be still, be still and know

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am your God


What if His plan is not to heal but to simply bring you home What if He has things in store for you that need to stay unknown There is a trust you have to find the sight of those they call the blind
A trust and faith in the one who owns the throne
There is a trust that bypasses total understanding
That says that who you are is more important than what I know or comprehend
This is a trust I need to find and savour
I need to grasp and grow it and not just make and mend
I know, truly believe that God is amply worthy
I look for that pathway of trust to have, to hold and share
My feet grope in the dusk for a route to follow
I learn to lean and all the time the doubt’s still there
I know, truly believe there is a good way forward
I know I’m not just shooting, shouting in the dark
My hands will lay their grip upon the scarce solution
And yet for now the air is whistling tunes cold and stark.
It’s in the time just before the dawn of understanding
The darkness seems most black before the sun’s first glint
It’s then that I will choose to trust my saviour
To stand in faith and set my face like flint.

Think and Think Again

Tread carefully with every step
Speak lightly into each person’s life
Listen attentively to the words of others
Think and think again
Be patient lest they understand not
Be thoughtful in case a hurt is hidden
Be understanding of another’s point of view
Think and think again
Be prayerful before a word is spoken
Be wise before an action is taken
Be mindful of all you do
Think and think again

Christ Alone

Christ alone is my salvation
Christ alone is my reward
Christ beside me
Christ before me
Christ within me
Christ my Lord