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A Hymn of Praise

Nothing can compare to knowing God
Nothing fills the gaping hole like He does
Nothing do I desire more than knowing Him
Nothing more makes my heart to leap and sing
Everything would I give up for this
Everything and nothing would I miss
Everything is second to knowing Him
Everything I offer to my King.

I Live

I live, O Lord,
For you sustain me
I have my being only in you
Thank you for the life you have given me
You cause me to sleep and to wake
Without you I am but dust
Thank you

My King

I am not wise enough to know
The paths to take, places to go
And so I put my trust in Christ
To whom I owe my very life
He will lead me where He will
In pleasant pastures, by waters still
And with my eyes fixed on Him
I’ll be His servant, He my King.

All I know

All I know I know for naught
Save in the hour Where I was bought
Save in your blood Where I was cleaned
Save in your love Where I was weaned
Save in your grace Where I did grow
Save in your place Where I will go.

In Total Control

In Total Control
He set His course
His aim was true
He had the choice
And He wanted to
Let us go!
Here comes my betrayer.
He met them head on
The choice was His
He decided to die
We must decide to live.

Glory, Mercy, Love

There is no glory man deserves
For God deserves it all
And if we keep it to ourselves
Becomes our own downfall
There is no mercy God reserves
He gives it all to us
He withholds not a single drop
He freely gives it thus
God’s love this man clearly observes
He sees it day by day
In every act of kindness
In every single way.

All I Have

With all I have
which is not a lot
with all I am
not that I’m not
with all within me
and all you see
with that that’s costly
and that that’s free
will all my good times
and all my bad
with my shrinking violet
and Jack-the-lad
with pride and anger
shame and humility
with being spirit-filled
and in my humanity
with dragging feet
and gritted teeth
with a skip in my step
and a desire for truth
I come
not because I must
but because I may
Into your presence
I come and stay
In your peace
I wash my face
In your arms
find mercy and grace
In your eyes
are love and hope
with you there
I can cope
all you are
and all I’m not
find completion
there in that spot
all I am
and all I can be
find completion
in your reality.

I stand beside you

I stand beside you
I stand before you
I live inside you
I live just for you
Where you go, I am
Where you hide, I see
When you fear, I stand
When you call, I hear
I died just for you
I died to save you
I rose to free you
I live to prepare a place

Darkness and Light

It’s cold in here and dark
There’s very little light
No one can get to me in here
As long as my eyes stay shut tight
I’m teetering on the edge
Around is black as night
My hope is fading fast
Vanishing out of sight
Alone I sit and think
But thoughts are all diffused
I search for some clarity
In a mind that’s so confused
I long to stir to action
But I haven’t got the strength
I want to find the light
To go to any length
But it’s cold in here and dark
And the light is very dim
I can only close my eyes
And simply wait for Him
But I know that if I stay
If I turn towards His face
He will lift my life again
Fill it with His grace
Bring a light into my darkness
Bring a warmth into my life
Set my foot upon His pathway
Aid me in my strife
He’s the light that shows the tunnel’s end
He’s the hope that never fades
He’s the God who loves the helpless
He’s the God who always saves.

There is a Better Way

He hurt you
She ignored you
They made you feel bad again and again
He used you
She lied to you
They never gave you any love
He beat you
She laughed at you
They always spoke down to you
He left you
She teased you
They never said anything nice to you
You can believe them
You can take on board what they said
And be crushed by what they did
You can let them get to you
You can let them eat you alive from within
You can believe their lies
You can carry that burden
You can buckle under the strain
But there is another way
You can let go
You can believe what God says about you
You can listen to His truth
You can forgive and be released
You can turn your focus away from the hurt
You can learn from the past and move on
You no longer need to be a prisoner
Held captive by the past
Held captive by the words and actions of others
There is a better way
There is a brighter future
A future free from the chains of before
A future full of hope
Full of joy
Full of love
God holds the key to that future
Will you turn and allow Him to unlock it?