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Lord, give me the eyes to really see today. Give me eyes to see past the painted on smile to the breaking heart. Give me the eyes to see through the bravado to the fear. Give me eyes to see those around me in their true state – help me to see beyond the masks. Give me eyes Lord to see those I meet as you see them. Then Lord, give me all I need to react to what I see in the best possible way.

An Instrument

Lord, make my your instrument today. An instrument of your peace, love, healing, renewing, mercy, grace, acceptance, tenderness, care, hope and forgiveness. May I be Christ to all who I meet today and for ever.


Today, whatever happens, I chose to forgive; I chose to love instead of hate; I chose to show mercy instead of punishment; I chose to build up instead of breaking down; I chose to encourage instead of criticise; I chose to care instead of harm; I chose to show others Jesus in me and not just me alone. Lord, be with me in all things today and help me in every situation.


Lord, give me the opportunity to speak of you today – and when that opportunity comes give me also the words to say!

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father God, we thank you for your great love for us shown especially in creation and in sending your son. Jesus Christ, we thank you for giving up everything for us, for living to show us, for dying to save us and for rising to defeat our greatest adversary. Holy Spirit, thank you for revealing these truths to us and for your guidance, counsel and comfort. Amen

Morning Prayer

A prayer for our mornings… Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this new day and ALL that it will bring! Please show me your plans and how I can be involved with them. May my life bring you, today, glory and honour and may those I meet see a little of you through me. In your holy name. Amen.

Be the Answer

Do you know anyone in need? Pray for them! However, when you stop praying do everything in your power to meet those needs yourself! Be the answer to your own prayer!


Father, I am desperate, I have nowhere to turn. You are my only hope. Grant me peace and help me to follow you out of this desperate situation. Make straight paths for me and give me the wisdom and strength to walk them. Amen

Shining Light

Lord, in the darkness be our shining light. Draw us nearer to you and help us to see all things by the light that you provide. Amen.


Dear Lord, we thank you for your continued protection. On the roads, at work, in the home and at play. Thank you that you look after us and provide help when things do go wrong. Thank you for all those who work towards our safety and protection. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen