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Prayer has the ability to unlock the potential within you to be drawn into the will of God.

We Thank and Praise You

May Jesus Christ, who died for you
May the Lord, who is risen victoriously
May the Spirit, who guides you
May the Father, who sustains you,
Be your everything, today and always.
Lamb of God
Risen Lord,
Sustaining Father,
Guiding Spirit
We thank and praise you!!

Thank You

Thank you Lord for all you have done
Thank you Lord for all you continue to do
Help me Lord to always have a thankful heart
Help me to enter your gates with thanksgiving
Lord you have given us so much
Lord we have so little to offer you
Accept our all as a token of our thanks

Putting God First

Lord, help me to seek that which is on your heart for me today. Help me to desire what you desire, to act as you would have me act, to love unconditionally, to give generously, to serve wholeheartedly, to worship continually, to praise unreservedly, and to always put you and others before myself.

Give Me Rest

As I sleep give me rest As I rise give me energy and motivation

As I eat give me a thankful heart As I work let me work for you

As I talk give me the words to say

As I play give me a spirit of fairness A

s I serve help me to do it with everything I have, yet in your strength

As I give let me have a joyful heart

As I listen give me ears to really hear As I worry or fear help me to trust you

As I pray draw me more in-line with your will

As I receive keep me mindful of those in need

As I think help me keep each thought captive to you

As I lay down to rest keep my mind set on you.


Lord, give me the eyes to really see today. Give me eyes to see past the painted on smile to the breaking heart. Give me the eyes to see through the bravado to the fear. Give me eyes to see those around me in their true state – help me to see beyond the masks. Give me eyes Lord to see those I meet as you see them. Then Lord, give me all I need to react to what I see in the best possible way.

An Instrument

Lord, make my your instrument today. An instrument of your peace, love, healing, renewing, mercy, grace, acceptance, tenderness, care, hope and forgiveness. May I be Christ to all who I meet today and for ever.


Today, whatever happens, I chose to forgive; I chose to love instead of hate; I chose to show mercy instead of punishment; I chose to build up instead of breaking down; I chose to encourage instead of criticise; I chose to care instead of harm; I chose to show others Jesus in me and not just me alone. Lord, be with me in all things today and help me in every situation.


Lord, give me the opportunity to speak of you today – and when that opportunity comes give me also the words to say!

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father God, we thank you for your great love for us shown especially in creation and in sending your son. Jesus Christ, we thank you for giving up everything for us, for living to show us, for dying to save us and for rising to defeat our greatest adversary. Holy Spirit, thank you for revealing these truths to us and for your guidance, counsel and comfort. Amen