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He Always Hears You

Sometimes you will find that you just don’t have the words to say when you pray. It is in those times that God easily interprets our cries, our screams, our sighs, our tears, our squeals of frustration and even our silence. Turn your focus to God because He always hears you.


Grow My Faith

Lord, show me what you are wanting to do today and grant me the privilege of being involved. Use me as you desire and grow my faith through the experience. Amen.


Today I choose to trust God for He has always been faithful and I have no reason to believe that that will change. His promises never fail even when I do. Today I choose to put my focus on God knowing that He will guide my feet, keep me safe and give me all I need. Help me Lord to refocus on you throughout today. Amen

Power Flow

May the very power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead be at work in your life today, may it flow through you to others and may you trust it to work miracles in the lives of those you meet. Amen


May the very God who spoke to Moses through a burning bush, who guided the Israelites with a pillar of fire, who burnt up Elijah’s offering and who sent His Holy Spirit as fire at Pentecost, set your heart ablaze with love for Him and those around you, purify your lives by His refining fire, give you a burning desire for the things on His heart and protect you from the fiery arrows of the evil one – this day and for ever more.

How Do I Pray?

How do I pray? Pray as if Jesus just turned up on your doorstep!! Pray as you would talk to him if you had just met him face to face! We tend to pray as if He was a big agony aunt in the sky, there to solve all our problems, hear our worries and give us what we need. However, I would hope if Jesus turned up on my doorstep I would start with praising Him, continue in thanking Him, then I would want to spend time listening to what He wanted to say to me and then just as He were walking out the door, if I were brave enough, I might just ask him for something.

I Choose

Lord, I choose to walk with you today! I choose to stick by your side not deviating to the left or to the right! Help me not to lag behind or run ahead! Lord, I choose to allow myself to be carried by you through the difficult times, help me not to struggle! Thank you that you are always close to me even when I don’t recognise it! Amen

Get Involved

Lord, show me a glimpse of your plans for tomorrow so that I can get involved and play a little part. Thank you. Amen


Lord, today I choose to work for you! I’m not working for my boss or the enjoyment of it or even for the money, I am working to serve you and to bring you glory! Help me I’m every task I have to accomplish, every decision I need to make and every conversation that I have! Give me wisdom, discernment, energy, courage, patience, diligence and a kindness for all who I meet! Amen.


Lord, give us time to stop and spend with you! Help us to quieten ourselves and put the busyness of the day behind us! Let us focus on you and give us ears to hear your voice! Amen!