God has promised that He will never leave us. Therefore, God is always with us whether we can feel His presence or not. God has said it therefore it is so!!


Your Choice

What or who are you going to allow to rule in your life today? Is it going to be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Or is it going to be your circumstances, other people, your past, your mistakes, your doubts or your fears? The choice is yours!


God asks us to forgive one another. In forgiving we therefore release ourselves from the bonds of disobedience, bitterness, hatred and anger.

God in Amazing

God is amazing all the time! God is good, kind, compassionate, faithful, trustworthy every minute of every day. When things are going badly, when people die, when our heart aches, when we feel down – God is still just as good and amazing. We may not feel that way about Him but that doesn’t change the reality. Celebrate today a God who is constant, never changing and totally AMAZING!

Move On

God does not want you to be defined by your past mistakes – He wants you to be forgiven, released from them, and able to move on.

Praise Him

Don’t praise God when the sun shines if you’re not prepared to praise Him also when the storms come!

Your Wisdom

Lord, in fear I come before you. It is your wisdom that I seek. I fully acknowledge that I can’t do this on my own, I’m not strong enough, I’m not wise enough, please help me. In everything I face today be my guiding light. May every word that comes from me today be pleasing in your sight. Speak through me and let me not hinder what you are wanting to do. I am frail and faltering but you are strong and your ways are perfect. Let me never give up when you want me to press on and let me never press on when you want me to give up. Carry me today Lord for I know that in your arms is the best place to be. Thank you my Saviour and my Friend. Amen

Something Beautiful

God loves to use the brokenness of our lives, the rubbish, the dross, the mistakes and the ashes to build anew something beautiful.

Be Still

Be still. Stop. Quieten yourself. Rest a while. Still your heart and clear your mind. Put all distraction to one side. Now, focus on God – and know that He is who He says He is.

Your Cross

When God ask us to daily pick up our cross it is not a call to suffering, pain and death. It is, in fact, a call to perspective and focus. Picking up our cross (notice not picking up the cross of Christ but our cross) focuses us on the immediate future and our impending death. Our focus becomes what needs to get done before we die. Our focus has an urgency to it! How differently would we live our lives if we know we were going to die next week? A person carrying their cross knows they only have a short time to live, a short time to make their peace with those around them and a short time to think about the bigger issues of life. Do we need that kind of focus now?