Put into Action

Do not worry so much about that which you do not understand – put into action that which you do.


You will never convince a blind man to see. In the same way you will never argue an unbeliever into faith.

Believe or Doubt?

In each difficult situation you have the choice to believe and trust or to doubt and fear. What will you chose today?

Thank You

Thank you Lord for all you have done
Thank you Lord for all you continue to do
Help me Lord to always have a thankful heart
Help me to enter your gates with thanksgiving
Lord you have given us so much
Lord we have so little to offer you
Accept our all as a token of our thanks


Humility is not seeing ourselves as less than we are, it is seeing ourselves correctly in relation to God.

Power and Authority

God will not do that which He has already given us the power and authority to do.


We must not confuse our responsibilities with God’s responsibilities and vica-versa. It is our responsibility to believe, to pray, to submit, to hold responsibility over the devil, to renew our minds, to forgive others, to hold every thought captive, to repent and so on. It is God’s responsibility to love, judge, protect, provide, guide, be ever present and a whole host more. There are some things only we can do and there are other things only God can do – let us not mix those up.

Putting God First

Lord, help me to seek that which is on your heart for me today. Help me to desire what you desire, to act as you would have me act, to love unconditionally, to give generously, to serve wholeheartedly, to worship continually, to praise unreservedly, and to always put you and others before myself.

Give Me Rest

As I sleep give me rest As I rise give me energy and motivation

As I eat give me a thankful heart As I work let me work for you

As I talk give me the words to say

As I play give me a spirit of fairness A

s I serve help me to do it with everything I have, yet in your strength

As I give let me have a joyful heart

As I listen give me ears to really hear As I worry or fear help me to trust you

As I pray draw me more in-line with your will

As I receive keep me mindful of those in need

As I think help me keep each thought captive to you

As I lay down to rest keep my mind set on you.

Come to God

Come to God each day with a blank piece of paper. Our desires, our perceived needs, our agendas, our requests, our thoughts may be far from God’s heart for us. God knows what each day will bring – He will be all we need of Him. He will provide all we need and help us to be content in every circumstance. We just have to trust Him, that He knows best and wants the best for us and will lead us wisely.