Relating to God

Do not let people box you in to a certain way of relating to God or to serving Him. God relates to us all as individuals, He treats us all individually – He is not a “one size fits all” kind of God. Likewise, we all relate to God differently – we all have differing relationships with Him, we all serve Him in different ways. Do not just accept people’s advice on how you should be serving God or how your relationship with Him should be playing itself out. They may be right but they may just be applying the model of their relationship with God and their way of serving God onto you. David threw off the “armour” of Saul’s way of dealing with things and with God and served God in his own individual way. Let us have the courage to do likewise!


A Hymn of Praise

Nothing can compare to knowing God
Nothing fills the gaping hole like He does
Nothing do I desire more than knowing Him
Nothing more makes my heart to leap and sing
Everything would I give up for this
Everything and nothing would I miss
Everything is second to knowing Him
Everything I offer to my King.


Our faith is built in patience and endurance, it is tested in the fires of adversity, but it is truly solidified and strengthened by the manifest presence of God.

Seen or Unseen

Lord, there is so much that you do each day that we know nothing about. You guard and protect and send us angels in various forms. You help, guide and answer our prayers and yet we seldom acknowledge it. Forgive us for not seeing your hand at work as often as we should. Give us eyes to see you more clearly and accept our thanks for all that you do, whether seen by us or not. Amen.

I Live

I live, O Lord,
For you sustain me
I have my being only in you
Thank you for the life you have given me
You cause me to sleep and to wake
Without you I am but dust
Thank you

You Know My Heart

O Lord my God, you know me and you know my heart. You know my struggles, my weaknesses, my opportunities and my fears. Help me to trust you in all things. Help me to surrender every part of my life to you today and always. Lord, I know that I can’t do it all on my own, in my own strength. Please be all I need of you today in every area of my life. I praise and thank you Lord. To you be all the glory today and for ever. Amen


In the end, with God, justice will be done. We just need to learn to place and leave everything in His, all capable, hands.

With You Lord

Apart from you, O Lord, I am nothing With you, O Lord, I am a saint, a child of the king, a fellow co-worker with God Apart from you, O Lord, I am dying in my sin With you, O Lord, I am completely forgiven and justified Apart from you, O Lord, I am just one person against the world With you, O Lord, I am part of the worldwide church, your body Apart from you, O Lord, I have no hope, no significance, no security With you, O Lord, I have all that I need. Thank you, O Lord, Thank you. Amen


In every situation there are things to be thankful to God for. We just have decide whether we are going to be thankful or not!


Lord, you have adopted me into your family and called me your child. Please help me to live in that light each day. Amen