For the Christian death should hold no fear, for we know the one who has died and come back to life. Jesus has conquered the power of death, we no longer move from life to death but from life to an even greater life.


Show Me

Lord, show me what you are wanting to do today and grant me the privilege of being involved. Use me as you desire and grow my faith through the experience. Amen.

God-Tinted Glasses

Lord, help me to see life through God-tinted glasses. Help me to see all the things that I have to be thankful for. Help me to see those around me as you see them. Help my heart to respond to the things your heart responds to. Help me to see You at work and help me to get involved. Help me to see wonder in the mundane, sense in the suffering, hope in the darkest of places and joy in the midst of despair. Help me to see as You see and respond as You would have me respond. Amen


If you have faith in Him, God will call you. If God calls you, He will gift you. If He gifts you, He will use you. If He uses you, your faith in Him will increase.


Today I choose to trust God for He has always been faithful and I have no reason to believe that that will change. His promises never fail even when I do. Today I choose to put my focus on God knowing that He will guide my feet, keep me safe and give me all I need. Help me Lord to refocus on you throughout today. Amen


There’s a place where He longs to lead us
A still place where we can just be
There is wisdom that He longs to show us
And we will rest there just Him and me
There’ll be no rush for us to leave
For time is not an issue as we speak
I will listen as He teaches
And will watch Him, strong yet meek
I will have a host of questions
But I will somehow be restrained
I want to know what He will teach me
What He will say, what He’ll explain
He knows my heart’s every longing
My every question before my words are formed
He knows exactly what I need to know
The ways I need to be reformed
I long to speak, yet need to keep my silence
I yearn to talk, but want to hear him more
A small still voice won’t break through all the chatter
But it’s that voice that I am eager for
And so I come in quiet and sit in patience
I’ll still my thoughts and chase away all noise
And I will wait beyond the storm and earthquake
And I will hear my God, yes I will hear His voice.


If you feel that life has trampled on your dreams and that things haven’t turned out as you had hoped remember this… God deals with the reality and actuality of your life, not the “What ifs” and “maybes”. He meets you exactly where you are. He is not waiting for you where you might have ended up or where He wanted you to be. He knows and understands the twists and turns your life has taken; He forgives your mistakes and cries with you about wrongs done to you. He is ready to move you forward in a new direction and, if you let him, will lead you beside still waters and into a reality beyond your wildest dreams.

No Conditions

God accepts you just as you are – no conditions attached. God loves you completely – no conditions attached. God desires good for you in every circumstance – no conditions attached. God pours grace and mercy into your life – no conditions attached. God longs for you to follow Him, love Him, trust Him – no conditions attached.

The Future

No matter what your past holds it doesn’t need to control your future. The power of God can set you free, the grace of God can bring you total forgiveness and the wisdom of God can set you on the right path. Don’t let your past rob you of your future.

A Plan

Do you have a plan for your life? Do you know where you are headed? Do you know your final destination? God says that He knows the plans He has for us. He says that they are good plans, plans to prosper us. Jesus said that He is preparing a place for us. A place where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. Our job is simply to seek God for those plans and follow them. Will you spend time today seeking God?