We must not confuse our responsibilities with God’s responsibilities and vica-versa. It is our responsibility to believe, to pray, to submit, to hold responsibility over the devil, to renew our minds, to forgive others, to hold every thought captive, to repent and so on. It is God’s responsibility to love, judge, protect, provide, guide, beContinue reading “Responsibilities”

In a World…

In a world of uncertainty we can know that God is our ROCK and our GUIDE. In a world of temptation we can know that God is our REFUGE. In a world of worry and anxiety we can know that God is our PEACE. In a world of darkness we can know that Jesus isContinue reading “In a World…”

Christ in Us

If you are a Christian Christ lives in you! You are a new creation, no longer are you what you where previously for now you have Christ within you. Just as when two people marry they become one, when you become a Christian you become completely changed, no longer you but you with Christ. YouContinue reading “Christ in Us”