Called to Slay Goliath?

We are not all called to slay Goliath, cross the Red Sea or walk on water. We are not all called to be a missionary overseas, preach in church or run a soup kitchen. We can’t look at others to see what God wants us to be doing. We have to look to God. JesusContinue reading “Called to Slay Goliath?”

What Was Jesus Like…two

What was Jesus like? The disciples were hardy men, mean tax collectors, rugged fishermen and yet in a storm they were scared. Whilst they were panicking Jesus was at rest. He had a calmness about Him that defied His circumstance. He wasn’t ruffled by huge crowds wanting his attention. Having been beaten, mocked, spat at,Continue reading “What Was Jesus Like…two”

All I Need

Thank you Lord that You are all that I need. Though people let me down and friends desert me, You are all that I need. Though health deteriorates and youth fades, You are all that I need. Though finances crash and earthly securities fail, You are all that I need. Though trouble comes and stormsContinue reading “All I Need”


Standing in the midst of nature I can see your fingerprints, O Lord, in the delicacy of leaf veins and the power of the ocean. I see your hand at work in the budding of each new shoot and the flowing of every wild river. Help me, O Lord, to see your fingerprints in theContinue reading “Fingerprints”

Faith in God

Faith in God is not belief where there is no evidence. The Gospel writers make it clear that we are to seek out the evidence in order to believe. We are told that they wrote these things in order that we could believe. We must continue to seek the evidence and build our faith onContinue reading “Faith in God”

A Relationship

A solid embrace holding you close Surrounded on every side, protected Held in perfect communion A relationship with the one true God Loved unconditionally, today and forever Shown unending grace and mercy Guided, nudged, prompted and told A relationship with the amazing creator God Provided for at every opportunity Shielded and defended, rescued Cared for,Continue reading “A Relationship”