Unconditional Love with Prayer

We must love as Christ did. Not waiting for people to conform to our ways before accepting them, but accepting and loving them unconditionally right from the start. If, in loving them unconditionally, we feel that they could do with changing, in some way for their own good, we can use the most powerful weaponContinue reading “Unconditional Love with Prayer”

No Room for Fear and Worry

When we discipline ourselves and take every thought captive to Christ then there is no room for fear and worry in our lives. When we shine the light of Christ onto our thoughts we can see which ones are helpful and which are hurtful. When we open our lives to Christ it is us whoContinue reading “No Room for Fear and Worry”

Travelling a Tough Road to Bethlehem?

Travelling a rough road to Bethlehem? Stressed at shopping and preparations? Stretched finances? Painful memories? Difficult situations? Strained relationships? This is why Christ came. He’s not known as the Prince of Peace for no reason. If you can make time for Him this Christmas He will give you this peace. A peace which will outweighContinue reading “Travelling a Tough Road to Bethlehem?”