Standing in the midst of nature I can see your fingerprints, O Lord, in the delicacy of leaf veins and the power of the ocean. I see your hand at work in the budding of each new shoot and the flowing of every wild river. Help me, O Lord, to see your fingerprints in theContinue reading “Fingerprints”

Freely Given

You don’t have to earn it It’s already yours Freely given No strings attached You couldn’t earn more favour You have it to the max Grace and mercy Full to the brim and running over Love beyond measure All yours at no cost to you Cherished, admired, adored You have it all Do not striveContinue reading “Freely Given”

Faith in God

Faith in God is not belief where there is no evidence. The Gospel writers make it clear that we are to seek out the evidence in order to believe. We are told that they wrote these things in order that we could believe. We must continue to seek the evidence and build our faith onContinue reading “Faith in God”

A Relationship

A solid embrace holding you close Surrounded on every side, protected Held in perfect communion A relationship with the one true God Loved unconditionally, today and forever Shown unending grace and mercy Guided, nudged, prompted and told A relationship with the amazing creator God Provided for at every opportunity Shielded and defended, rescued Cared for,Continue reading “A Relationship”

Let Go

The more we strive, the more we try, the more we will realise that what we can give will never be enough. We will never be able to love enough, care enough, give enough or take on enough. There will always be situations beyond our control that we don’t have the ability to sort out.Continue reading “Let Go”

I Stand Before You

Broken I come Hurting, I stand before you Constantly crushed Almost defeated Empty Empty I come Rejected, I stand before you Always anguished Totally engulfed Dying Dying I come Lifeless, I stand before you Forever fearful Completely damaged Helpless Helpless I come Sinful, I stand before you Utterly undone Ultimately wrong Hopeless Hopeless I comeContinue reading “I Stand Before You”