Don’t Let the World Define You

Don’t let the world define you! We are not defined by our job or position in society or even church. We are not defined by our past, our bank balance or by the car we drive. We are defined by our creator. A creator who defines us a worthy of dying for. Who defines usContinue reading “Don’t Let the World Define You”

A Little Understanding

When we have an understanding of how wonderful God thinks we are then to do His will is a joy and a pleasure. When we understand a little of all that God knows about us, our surroundings and the future to seek and follow His guidance is nothing more than common sense. When we comprehendContinue reading “A Little Understanding”

Peace in the Ukraine

Lord, you call us to pray for our leaders and tonight we batter the doors of heaven on their behalf. Before “people do that which can never be undone we beg of you” help them to do everything that makes for peace and finds peaceful solutions to political questions. Before “people do that which canContinue reading “Peace in the Ukraine”