There is a deep sadness that the Lord allows that teaches us of our care, our compassion and our love for others. For who can look at this world and the troubles of others and not ache with sadness for what we see. Our sadness taps into the very heart of God. Our sadness givesContinue reading “Sadness”

Difficult People

We all have people in our lives who will knock us, test us, frustrate us, annoy us, push our buttons, hurt us, hate us and humiliate us. However, God tells us that our fight is not against flesh… so we have an option… we can go it alone and let these people crush us, breakContinue reading “Difficult People”

May God Help Us All

Any interaction with someone reveals, at most, just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has a history. Everyone has open wounds and deeper hurts. We all struggle along the best we can, some of us are better at putting on the mask of “Everything is OK!” The anger, rudeness, frustration vented at us may haveContinue reading “May God Help Us All”

Give me…

Lord, give me… Compassion for all those who hurt Love for the needy Grace for the unlovely Patience for the difficult Wisdom for the confused Healing for the broken Kindness for the desperate Time for the lonely Hope for the lost Sensitivity for the frightened Peace for the fearful Life for the dying Through youContinue reading “Give me…”