We live in an ever changing world! It is frightening how much change we experience. However, God is changeless, unchanging, constant, stable… We know change, we know chaos and flux – do we really know He who is changeless and the security and comfort to be found in Him?

Unconditional Love

God has unconditional love for each and every one of us! A love that is unchanging, constant, never ending. We must develop this love for those around us. A love that covers over differences and disagreements. A love that always forgives, is full of grace and mercy. A love that focuses on that which unitesContinue reading “Unconditional Love”

Totally Amazing

God is amazing all the time! God is good, kind, compassionate, faithful, trustworthy every minute of everyday. When things are going badly, when people die, when our heart aches, when we feel down – God is still just as good and amazing. We may not feel that way about Him but that doesn’t change theContinue reading “Totally Amazing”