In a World…

In a world of uncertainty we can know that God is our ROCK and our GUIDE. In a world of temptation we can know that God is our REFUGE. In a world of worry and anxiety we can know that God is our PEACE. In a world of darkness we can know that Jesus isContinue reading “In a World…”

We Thank You

Lord of the dawn with thank you for new beginnings. Lord of the morning we thank you for renewed strength each day. Lord of the midday sun we thank you for light and warmth. Lord of the afternoon we thank you for food to sustain us. Lord of the evening we thank you for theContinue reading “We Thank You”

Forgiven, Totally Forgiven

Forgiven. totally forgiven. It’s hard to take it in really. Having a debt that you had no means of paying written off, paid on your behalf. Not paid by some billionaire for whom it means nothing but paid for with somebody’s very life. Yet He asks nothing in return. He doesn’t want you to feelContinue reading “Forgiven, Totally Forgiven”