With God…

With God there is…Refuge for the frightenedRest for the tiredHope for the hopelessPeace for the restlessComfort for the grievingSalvation for the dyingSignificance for the insecureLove for the unlovely Grace for the fallen Friendship for the lonely Security for the scared Healing for the wounded Safety for the defenseless Wholeness for the broken Wisdom for theContinue reading “With God…”

Easter part four

Had I just heard what I wanted, desperately, to believe Had he really said that this man that I nailed to a cross was now alive I hardly dared believe that this could possibly be true We made our way to the place where they had laid His body Where I had seen them putContinue reading “Easter part four”

Easter part three

I found myself enduring the longest day in my history, in all of history A day held in tension between death and life, between the end and the beginning He had told us it was finished but a few said that this was not the end Some said He had raised a man from theContinue reading “Easter part three”

The Past is Dealt With

Jesus never again has to hang, suffer and die upon the cross. “It is finished” was His cry. The cross is behind Him. Our sin has been, once and for all, dealt with. Nothing can now separate us from God apart from our non-acceptance of what Jesus suffered and died for. Jesus offers a cleanContinue reading “The Past is Dealt With”

Greatest Time of Need

We often see the crucifixion through the eyes of Jesus. We see how He must have suffered. We understand a little of the pain He had to endure for us. We even think about the temptation that Jesus must have had to say “enough is enough” and climb down from the cross and relieve himselfContinue reading “Greatest Time of Need”