At the end of the day we all die. Therefore, it is not God’s desire to keep our body alive in this life. He is far more concerned with our spirit. That is what lives on eternally. Our bodies will perish but who we are continues for ever. Our life on this earth is notContinue reading “Life”

From the Depths of Despair

I stand in the place where dreams come to die Hopes lie round my ankles, trampled, broken Smoke spirals upward from the lights extinguished And darkness falls like the heaviest of burdens The air is heavy with the lethargy of life Eyes vacant, no focus, no glint of joy The distant rumble of the shadowsContinue reading “From the Depths of Despair”

Nelson Mandela

They say he’s lost his final battle How come I can hear the victory cry The shout’s gone up, the battle’s won He’s moved from dying to life on high He fought the hate with love, not guns He changed himself to change the world He freed himself from a bitter mind And forgave asContinue reading “Nelson Mandela”