All Alone?

Sometimes the world around you just doesn’t care. They won’t notice the struggles that you face. Even those closest to you won’t see behind your faltering smile, they won’t dig behind your weary words and it feels like they turn their backs when you need them most. Sometimes it feels like you are on yourContinue reading “All Alone?”

Light in the Darkness

Battered, bruised and broken Lying on the floor Alone, despised, dejected Can’t take a moment more The world has had its judgement And people had their say I have been rejected Come darkness have your way The knife that cuts the deepest The pills that numb the pain The guilt the drink disguises All thisContinue reading “Light in the Darkness”

From the Depths of Despair

I stand in the place where dreams come to die Hopes lie round my ankles, trampled, broken Smoke spirals upward from the lights extinguished And darkness falls like the heaviest of burdens The air is heavy with the lethargy of life Eyes vacant, no focus, no glint of joy The distant rumble of the shadowsContinue reading “From the Depths of Despair”