Forgiven, Totally Forgiven

Forgiven. totally forgiven. It’s hard to take it in really. Having a debt that you had no means of paying written off, paid on your behalf. Not paid by some billionaire for whom it means nothing but paid for with somebody’s very life. Yet He asks nothing in return. He doesn’t want you to feelContinue reading “Forgiven, Totally Forgiven”

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

A day of waiting, a day of uncertainty. A day of faith or a day of fear? Is it over or is it just beginning? What will tomorrow bring? Cruelly whipped and hung upon a cross Where is the justice, where the victory? Is this what He spoke of or has it all gone wrong?Continue reading “What Will Tomorrow Bring?”

Easter part four

Had I just heard what I wanted, desperately, to believe Had he really said that this man that I nailed to a cross was now alive I hardly dared believe that this could possibly be true We made our way to the place where they had laid His body Where I had seen them putContinue reading “Easter part four”