Dear Lord

Dear Lord, for the insecure be their rock, for the weak be their strength, for the fearful be their peace, for the exhausted be their rest, for the grieving be their comfort, for the hurting be their relief, for the dying be their hope, for the frightened be their refuge, for the lonely be theirContinue reading “Dear Lord”

Your Wisdom Lord

Lord, in fear I come before you. It is your wisdom that I seek. I fully acknowledge that I can’t do this on my own, I’m not strong enough, I’m not wise enough, please help me. In everything I face today be my guiding light. May every word that comes from me today be pleasingContinue reading “Your Wisdom Lord”

Thank you for being a Friend

If you are a friend of mine, close or not, it matters not to me what you do. If you are kind and generous I thank God for you. If you are rude to me and hurt me I forgive you and ask God to be with you in your struggle. It matters not toContinue reading “Thank you for being a Friend”