Your Gospel

Lord, you call me to tell others about you, but I find it so difficult. I never have the right words to say, I stumble and stutter and get it all wrong. I cannot put into words what you have done for me, what you mean to me and what I want others to knowContinue reading “Your Gospel”

No Barriers

You can make excuses for not believing in God but there are no barriers. If you seek you will find Him – whether you are young or old, male or female, intellectual or uneducated, rich or poor, you will find Him.

No Matter Where We Find Ourselves

Joseph was in prison, Moses was in the wilderness, Saul was on his way to persecute Christians, Gideon was hiding in a wine-press and Lazarus was dead. It doesn’t matter where we find ourselves, God can use us. He can transform us and our circumstances and put us to use in His service if weContinue reading “No Matter Where We Find Ourselves”