Difficult People

We all have people in our lives who will knock us, test us, frustrate us, annoy us, push our buttons, hurt us, hate us and humiliate us. However, God tells us that our fight is not against flesh… so we have an option… we can go it alone and let these people crush us, breakContinue reading “Difficult People”


Let’s keep it simple here… when all is said and done Christianity is not about religion, laws, rights and wrongs, man-made traditions, attending church, saying and doing the right things, being better than others, being pure or a whole host of other things that we associate with it. When everything is washed away it isContinue reading “Simple!”


Today I will look to… …the power of God in my weakness …the peace of God in my fear …the majesty of God in my wretchedness …the grace of God in my wickedness …the abundance of God in my lack …the provision of God in my need …the security of God in my anxiousness …theContinue reading “Today”

A Period of Grace

We are living in a period of Grace. God is refraining from judging us and passing sentence on the wrong that we do. Instead His grace and mercy flow like rivers over our lives. He gives us wonderful things that we don’t deserve and prevents us from experiencing much that we do deserve. Thank youContinue reading “A Period of Grace”