Where are You Going?

Would you get on a plane not knowing where it is going? Would you walk around in the dark not knowing where your feet are landing? Most of us wander through life without really exploring where we are headed? Have you really considered what this life is all about and whether there is more toContinue reading “Where are You Going?”

A Rock

In a world of uncertainty God promises to be a rock beneath our feet and a Good Shepherd to walk by our side and to watch over us. Even when tragedy strikes we know our foot will not slip and even if our knees buckle we have someone there to steady us and bring usContinue reading “A Rock”

A Relationship

A solid embrace holding you close Surrounded on every side, protected Held in perfect communion A relationship with the one true God Loved unconditionally, today and forever Shown unending grace and mercy Guided, nudged, prompted and told A relationship with the amazing creator God Provided for at every opportunity Shielded and defended, rescued Cared for,Continue reading “A Relationship”

Fill Your Mind with Christ

Today, like most days, will be filled with a lot of things. Our mind will tend to be crowded with what we have to do, what we mustn’t forget, various worries, people on our mind, regrets of yesterday and hopes for tomorrow. There’s not too much room in there for anything else. However, it doesn’tContinue reading “Fill Your Mind with Christ”