We can know God as a mighty creator; We can study God as an historical figure; We can understand God as a King, a ruler and a figure of supreme authority; We can comprehend that God is a judge, a lawgiver and a great High Priest – but it is only through God’s Spirit thatContinue reading “Daddy”

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father God, we thank you for your great love for us shown especially in creation and in sending your son. Jesus Christ, we thank you for giving up everything for us, for living to show us, for dying to save us and for rising to defeat our greatest adversary. Holy Spirit, thank you for revealingContinue reading “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”

Not Fair!!!

Life is NOT Fair!! Pension hassle is NOT fair! Strikes are NOT fair! Governments are NOT fair! People dying young is NOT fair! People living and dying in natural disaster zones is NOT fair! People living below the poverty line or starving each day is NOT fair! People being abused is not fair! However, let’sContinue reading “Not Fair!!!”

Christ in Us

If you are a Christian Christ lives in you! You are a new creation, no longer are you what you where previously for now you have Christ within you. Just as when two people marry they become one, when you become a Christian you become completely changed, no longer you but you with Christ. YouContinue reading “Christ in Us”


Standing in the midst of nature I can see your fingerprints, O Lord, in the delicacy of leaf veins and the power of the ocean. I see your hand at work in the budding of each new shoot and the flowing of every wild river. Help me, O Lord, to see your fingerprints in theContinue reading “Fingerprints”

Freely Given

You don’t have to earn it It’s already yours Freely given No strings attached You couldn’t earn more favour You have it to the max Grace and mercy Full to the brim and running over Love beyond measure All yours at no cost to you Cherished, admired, adored You have it all Do not striveContinue reading “Freely Given”