It Really Hurts

The reality is… it hurts It really hurts Life hurts Family and friends hurt And they hurt us too The world hurts And guess what? It will hurt us as well The poor hurt The rich hurt The young hurt The old hurt No-one is free from it It lurks around every corner And noContinue reading “It Really Hurts”

Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom

When someone wrongs you they place you in a cage. They trap you. They limit your freedom. The cage may be a cage of fear, irritation, bitterness, anger, hurt or resentment. The cage can become a dreadful place in which to live. The bars can increase in number and the nights can become very darkContinue reading “Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom”

Lord, for your grace we ask.

Lord, for your grace we ask. For those who are hurt, confused, angry, upset, devastated, hopeless and desperate because of the Church of England General Synod’s decision today, surround them with you loving arms and give them peace. Help them to look to you and show them the way ahead. For those for whom theContinue reading “Lord, for your grace we ask.”

Give me…

Lord, give me… Compassion for all those who hurt Love for the needy Grace for the unlovely Patience for the difficult Wisdom for the confused Healing for the broken Kindness for the desperate Time for the lonely Hope for the lost Sensitivity for the frightened Peace for the fearful Life for the dying Through youContinue reading “Give me…”