What Wicked People

They worshipped their King as He rode into Jerusalem. They laid palm branches and coats in the road as a mark of respect. Yet these same people turned, they denied Him, they mocked Him, they betrayed Him only one week later. What wicked people. Yet we do exactly the same. We worship Him in ourContinue reading “What Wicked People”

A Real Celebration

If you take away all the man-made traditions from your Christmas this year what would it look like? Christmas is a wonderful time of family, giving, eating, parties, nativity plays, decorations, traditions and so on. How much of this though, if we’re honest, has anything to do with the birth of our Saviour in aContinue reading “A Real Celebration”


We can know God as a mighty creator; We can study God as an historical figure; We can understand God as a King, a ruler and a figure of supreme authority; We can comprehend that God is a judge, a lawgiver and a great High Priest – but it is only through God’s Spirit thatContinue reading “Daddy”