There is a time for waiting and there is a time for action. However, these two times do not have to be mutually exclusive. As we look forward to the celebration of Jesus coming to earth for the first time let us remember that as we wait for His coming a second time we wait,Continue reading “Waiting”

No Easy Options

Being a Christian is not an easy option for the weak. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re protected for the future from pain and the struggles of this life. God doesn’t give the Christian the promise of being carried when things get tough, in fact Jesus promises that if we follow Him we will haveContinue reading “No Easy Options”

Arrogance and Our Lives

Lord, save us from arrogance and self-importance. Let our arrogance not close our ears and our self-importance not put ourselves first rather than you or others. Help us always be humble and to respond to others in love as if we were responding to you. Let your kingdom come on earth and in our lives.Continue reading “Arrogance and Our Lives”