Our circumstances are not the problem, it is our perception of those circumstances that brings us the problems. We find it easy to see the difficulties in our circumstances, while God wants us to see the possibilities and opportunities in them. He wants to show us who He can be for us in each andContinue reading “Circumstances”

Life is Fragile

Life is fragile. Make the most of every moment. Treasure those who God has given you. Make every encounter a blessing. Forgive quickly. Watch you words carefully. Act even more carefully. Always part on good terms. See the other person’s point of view. Disagree agreeably. Be an encourager. Laugh often. Make people laugh even moreContinue reading “Life is Fragile”

Follow Us on the Advent.ure part one

Over the Advent period I have been asked to create a Christian Advent Calendar for people to share in what ever way they see fit. Each post can be shared on Facebook, in an e-mail, on Twitter. You could even use them on your church or print them out to give away. The idea isContinue reading “Follow Us on the Advent.ure part one”