Picking Up Your Cross

When God ask us to daily pick up our cross it is not a call to suffering, pain and death. It is, in fact, a call to perspective and focus. Picking up our cross (notice not picking up the cross of Christ but our cross) focuses us on the immediate future and our impending death.Continue reading “Picking Up Your Cross”

The Rock

When life is confusing, unclear, daunting or frightening we must remember that we can stand firm upon the Rock. We have a solid foundation even ┬áif it doesn’t always feel that way. God will prevent us from stumbling. He will stand by our side through good times and bad. He will provide light for ourContinue reading “The Rock”

Give me…

Lord, give me… Compassion for all those who hurt Love for the needy Grace for the unlovely Patience for the difficult Wisdom for the confused Healing for the broken Kindness for the desperate Time for the lonely Hope for the lost Sensitivity for the frightened Peace for the fearful Life for the dying Through youContinue reading “Give me…”