Moving On

There is no one who helps you move on more than God. He doesn’t want you to be trapped by your past but longs for you to be freed for your future. Give your past to Him and He will help you throw off your shackles and prepare for a wonderful future that stretches intoContinue reading “Moving On”

No Conditions

God accepts you just as you are – no conditions attached. God loves you completely – no conditions attached. God desires good for you in every circumstance – no conditions attached. God pours grace and mercy into your life – no conditions attached. God longs for you to follow Him, love Him, trust Him –Continue reading “No Conditions”

We Cannot Be Static

We cannot be static Yet we must stand firm Movement is required And stillness as well Constantly changing Changeless We must never remain the same Fluid And at the same time solid We must be more of a body Far less of a building It must be less about religion And far more about relationshipContinue reading “We Cannot Be Static”