Don’t Wait Too Long

How long had this people waited? Lost, cut off, waiting, and wondering. When will our saviour come? How long must we wait? How long will we wait? Today our saviour is here! Today we have the choice to accept Him and His free gift of salvation or to reject Him and lose that precious gift?Continue reading “Don’t Wait Too Long”

Amidst the Busyness

Prepare my heart to receive you this Christmas Amidst all the busyness, the shopping and the presents In amongst the food and the parties, the decorating and the trimmings Let me find time for you With all of our traditions help me to remember why you came May I dig beneath the wrapping paper ofContinue reading “Amidst the Busyness”

Taking Christmas forward…

Taking Christmas forward into the New Year: Let us be obedient like Mary, trusting like Joseph, hospitable and accommodating like the Inn Keeper, eager like the Shepherds, watchful like the Wise Men and patient like Simeon. Let Jesus’ surroundings remind us to be humble. Let the gifts of the Wise Men remind us to beContinue reading “Taking Christmas forward…”