Fill Your Mind with Christ

Today, like most days, will be filled with a lot of things. Our mind will tend to be crowded with what we have to do, what we mustn’t forget, various worries, people on our mind, regrets of yesterday and hopes for tomorrow. There’s not too much room in there for anything else. However, it doesn’tContinue reading “Fill Your Mind with Christ”

Mind Blowing?

God’s grace is more than sufficient, God’s mercy is unfathomable, God’s love is unconditional, God’s patience is never ending, God’s peace is deeper than we’ll ever know, God’s power is inexhaustible, God’s reliability is unquestionable and God’s goodness and kindness is unquenchable. All of this  for you, and much more besides!  It kinda blows yourContinue reading “Mind Blowing?”