A Fresh Start

A fresh start, a new beginning, the latest chapter. Over-night nothing radical has changed but today offers us a wonderful opportunity to begin again. A brilliant chance to turn over a new leaf, to re-focus and to strive for something better. I’m not talking about New Years’ Resolutions I’m talking about real changes for GodContinue reading “A Fresh Start”

Eternal Life and so Much More

Today offers the opportunity for forgiveness from all your wrongdoings. It offers a new start. Today offers the beginning of eternal life. It offers the beginning of a life lived with a purpose, a life lived to the full. If you turn to follow Jesus all this and so much more is open to you.Continue reading “Eternal Life and so Much More”

New Year… Same Old

New Year New beginnings New opportunities New challenges New start New difficulties New friends New meetings New worries New …… (fill in the blank) Same Old God Same unconditional love Same never ending grace Same truth Same unfailing mercy Same forgiving Father Same comforting Spirit Same interceding Son

Taking Christmas forward…

Taking Christmas forward into the New Year: Let us be obedient like Mary, trusting like Joseph, hospitable and accommodating like the Inn Keeper, eager like the Shepherds, watchful like the Wise Men and patient like Simeon. Let Jesus’ surroundings remind us to be humble. Let the gifts of the Wise Men remind us to beContinue reading “Taking Christmas forward…”