All Alone?

Sometimes the world around you just doesn’t care. They won’t notice the struggles that you face. Even those closest to you won’t see behind your faltering smile, they won’t dig behind your weary words and it feels like they turn their backs when you need them most. Sometimes it feels like you are on yourContinue reading “All Alone?”

I Spoke With God

I spoke with God And I questioned Him I said, Lord you are all powerful and all loving Yet I see around me so much suffering I just don’t understand He stooped down and spoke gently My child, you see only in part And you understand only in part You are blind and yet youContinue reading “I Spoke With God”

Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom

When someone wrongs you they place you in a cage. They trap you. They limit your freedom. The cage may be a cage of fear, irritation, bitterness, anger, hurt or resentment. The cage can become a dreadful place in which to live. The bars can increase in number and the nights can become very darkContinue reading “Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom”

Greatest Time of Need

We often see the crucifixion through the eyes of Jesus. We see how He must have suffered. We understand a little of the pain He had to endure for us. We even think about the temptation that Jesus must have had to say “enough is enough” and climb down from the cross and relieve himselfContinue reading “Greatest Time of Need”

No Easy Options

Being a Christian is not an easy option for the weak. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re protected for the future from pain and the struggles of this life. God doesn’t give the Christian the promise of being carried when things get tough, in fact Jesus promises that if we follow Him we will haveContinue reading “No Easy Options”