Seek, Pray, Listen, Give

Seek and you will find. Pray and you will be answered. Listen and you will hear. Give and you will receive. Lord, teach me to seek so that I may find you. Teach me to pray so that I pray according to your will. Help me to truly listen with great patience and perseverance soContinue reading “Seek, Pray, Listen, Give”

Difficult People

We all have people in our lives who will knock us, test us, frustrate us, annoy us, push our buttons, hurt us, hate us and humiliate us. However, God tells us that our fight is not against flesh… so we have an option… we can go it alone and let these people crush us, breakContinue reading “Difficult People”

Becoming more Christ-Like

There are days when you do not need prayer or the Bible to help you be more Christ-like. God sends us people and circumstances to teach us patience, kindness, love, endurance, grace, mercy, joy, gentleness and a whole host of other things. God loves it when we read His Word and speak to Him butContinue reading “Becoming more Christ-Like”

In our Walk with God

Lord, in our walk with you help us to find favour in your eyes as Mary did. Help us have faith like Elizabeth and righteousness like her and Zechariah. Let us be honourable like Joseph and have wisdom and perseverance like the wise men. Lord, give us a childlike faith like the shepherds and patienceContinue reading “In our Walk with God”

Mind Blowing?

God’s grace is more than sufficient, God’s mercy is unfathomable, God’s love is unconditional, God’s patience is never ending, God’s peace is deeper than we’ll ever know, God’s power is inexhaustible, God’s reliability is unquestionable and God’s goodness and kindness is unquenchable. All of this  for you, and much more besides!  It kinda blows yourContinue reading “Mind Blowing?”