The Mundane

Remove from my eyes, Lord, the veil of the mundane, the routine and the normal. Let me see afresh the wonders of your creation. Let me see you in the budding of a plant, let me hear you in the noise of birdsong and let me touch you in the refreshment of a summer breeze.Continue reading “The Mundane”

Seek, Pray, Listen, Give

Seek and you will find. Pray and you will be answered. Listen and you will hear. Give and you will receive. Lord, teach me to seek so that I may find you. Teach me to pray so that I pray according to your will. Help me to truly listen with great patience and perseverance soContinue reading “Seek, Pray, Listen, Give”

In Jesus’ Name

Praying “in Jesus’ name” is not about adding magic words to the end of your prayers (“in Jesus’ name Amen.) it is about discovering His will and praying that. It is about praying the same thing that Jesus would. When our will and the will of Jesus agree then we can pray in confidence andContinue reading “In Jesus’ Name”